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"We just want to say a huge Thank You for all your hard work last week at our wedding. We had the best day of our lives and the catering was a huge part of that."

Caroline and Jim's wedding, Great Sir Wilbrahams Barn, Cambridge

"Just a quick thank you from all of us Bakers for your hard work on Saturday. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the hog roast. Once again, thank you very much!"

Georgina's fireworks party in Hornchurch

"We’d like to say a big ‘Thank you’ for the hog roast you provided last Saturday for our wedding reception. The hog was delicious and many people, including ourselves, have said that the crackling was out of this world!

Matt and Gill's wedding, Ramsden Bellhouse

Greek Salad

Salad and vegetable options 2019

We can always do:

Hot new potatoes with parsley and butter, but other potato options need an onsite or hired oven.
Jacket potatoes served with butter, sour cream and/or grated cheese
Classic roast potatoes
New potatoes roasted with olive oil, Maldon sea salt and rosemary
Potatoes Dauphinoise - fine sliced and baked with garlic and cream
Potatoes Boulangere - fine sliced and baked with onions and stock
Potato wedges roasted with harissa

Salads - standards:

Salad of new potatoes with mayo, Dijon mustard, spring onion, parsley, chives, gherkin
Vine and cherry tomato salad with green beans, black olives, onion, basil
Mediterranean salad: vine tomato, cucumber, red pepper, red onion, olives, flat leaf parsley
Greek salad: feta cheese, vine tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olives, flat leaf parsley, dill
Garden salad: little gem and other leaf, watercress, cherry tomatoes, fine sliced yellow pepper, radish, spring onion
Mixed green salad: typically lollo, frisee, spinach, rocket, watercress, radiccio, romaine, little gem
Moroccan carrot salad with pomegranate seeds, fresh coriander, cumin, pomegranate molasses, olive oil and lemon juice dressing
Cucumber finely sliced with red onion, white wine vinegar and dill
Homemade coleslaw
Asian Slaw: shredded cabbage, carrots, Romano peppers, spring onions, fresh coriander leaf, mint, with chilli, ginger, lime, soya and sesame oil dressing
Beetroot, rocket and goat cheese dressed with olive oil and pinenuts
Pasta with tomato salsa, sundried tomatoes, capers, roast peppers and black olives
Pasta with pesto, pine nuts and fresh basil

Salads - specials:

Warm potato salad with Dijon mustardy vinaigrette, spring onion, capers, chopped fresh herbs
Rainbow tomato salad: vine, red and yellow cherry, plum and tiger tomatoes, with red onion, coriander, mint
Vine and cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, black olives and basil leaves drizzled with fruity olive oil
Green salad leaves typically gem, romaine, watercress, spinach with croutons and our own blue cheese dressing
Little gem, baby spinach and seasonal greens, avocado, cherry tomatoes, black olives
Grated raw beetroot and carrot, spring onion, apple, ginger
Grated celeriac and apple, celery, walnuts, grain mustard, lemon juice, mayo
Green beans, mangetout, roasted hazelnuts, dressed with orange juice and zest and hazelnut oil
Basmati rice with sautéed vegetables, apricots, cashews and soy sauce dressing
Organic and wild rice pilaf: sautéed red onion, diced peppers, mushrooms, celery, carrots, sweetcorn with dried apricots, pistachios and toasted pumpkin seeds.
Rice with pesto, pine nuts, parmesan shavings, fresh basil
Quinoa salad: finely shredded greens and tiny cauliflower florets, grated carrot, red pepper, spring onion; dressed with soy and ginger with a hint of garlic.
Cous cous with roast Mediterranean vegetables, pesto and feta
Tabbouleh: bulgur wheat, fine chopped tomatoes, spring onions, flat leaf parsley, mint, pomegranate seeds, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil
Puy lentils with cherry tomatoes, preserved lemons, spring onions, coriander, curly parsley, chilli, dressed with olive oil
Mixed leaf salad with roast sweet potato and beetroot, with feta or goat cheese, toasted sunflower seeds

Hot vegetable choices:

Roast Winter vegetables: carrots, parsnips, butternut squash
Roast Mediterranean vegetables: peppers, courgettes, fennel, aubergines
Leek and potato gratin
Roast beetroot
Roast sweet potato with thyme
Roast squash with sage
Roast cauliflower with cumin, turmeric and chilli
Homemade spiced red cabbage
Homemade ratatouille: aubergine, peppers, courgette, onion, garlic, tomatoes, oregano, thyme
Summer vegetables: asparagus, baby carrots and onions, broad beans, garden peas - served warm with butter, lemon and chives
Oriental stir fry: peppers, green beans, mangetout, carrots, onion, greens, mushrooms, with chilli, garlic, soy and lots of fresh coriander
Selections of green beans, peas, broad beans, broccoli, glazed carrots and so on . . .

Note: there may be some seasonal variations.
Note: most salads, potato or veg options can be made without nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs, celery, soya or sesame oil, on request.

Salads made with top quality ingredients

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